I create, deploy and manage web sites and applications.

I grew up in the Netherlands and am currently based in the south of Germany, surrounded by lakes and mountains, focused on designing, developing and deploying things to the web.

Job titles can be misleading and often don’t reflect what someone really does. I fall somewhere in the cross-section of a web designer, front-end and back-end developer with an interest in devops.

I love designing and developing web applications and make ideas a reality. I’ll be dedicated to create the most effective approach that aligns with your business objectives, attracts your target audience, and sustainably grows your organization.

Don’t think of me as a freelancer, think of me as part of your team. I work closely with my clients and integrate into their workflow.

Talk to me about UX design, optimizing content delivery, streamlining and automating workflows and tasks, web development, to use or not to use javascript, mountain biking, diving and sushi.

Any ideas or projects? Just send me a message .